GRVP Tackles the Big Guns – Papanek and The Real World

Our final GRVP for 2012 was worth celebrating, with founder Tullia Jack back in Melbourne and 2012 GRVP powerhouse Georgia McCorkill on the verge of giving birth to her first child. The festive season indeed! We were also joined by a few new GRVP faces – which is very exciting for 2013!

Happily, we were taking on a seminal text – Victor Papanek’s “Do It Yourself Murder: The Social and Moral Responsiblity of the Designer” from Design for the Real World.
. . . → Read More: GRVP Tackles the Big Guns – Papanek and The Real World

Gladrags does Kate Fletcher Mark 2

It has been a while between posts, but Gladrags was back with a bang in August, tackling legendary sustainable fashion academic Kate Fletcher’s latest publication, a collaboration with Lynda Grose: Fashion and Sustainability: Design for change. . . . → Read More: Gladrags does Kate Fletcher Mark 2

We’ve reached the Tipping Point

This month at Gladrags we discussed Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point. Looking at the characteristics of trends and social movements, Gladwell presents several interesting case studies and personality types that play a key role in activating this phenomenon. The book is a funny mixture of social psychology, “self-help”, and behaviour change theory. It is concerned with understanding why some trends reach critical mass and become mainstream, then predictably die out – and others don’t. It focuses on individual and collective consumer behaviours that cause this invisible “tipping point”. . . . → Read More: We’ve reached the Tipping Point

Fashion Gets Naked

Last month’s Gladrags Vox Pops proved to be quite contentious and also quite giggle filled. We looked at an adaptation of a speech given by Hannah Jones, Global Manager of Nike’s Corporate Social Responsibility efforts, which was given as Nike were awarded top honours for sustainability reporting. . . . → Read More: Fashion Gets Naked

Paula Rogers visits GRVP – words Lara McPherson

At our last Gladrags Vox Pops we were lucky to have a visit from Paula Rogers: TFIA consultant, sustainability guru and all round lovely lady.

She came to speak to us specifically about the Eco Index, an internal reporting tool designed to help fashion folk assess the sustainability of their own business. There is a simple scoring . . . → Read More: Paula Rogers visits GRVP – words Lara McPherson

Gladrags Vox Pops Does Collaborative Consumption

Late last year, Sydney-based Author Rachel Botsman came to Hub Melbourne to discuss her new book “What’s Mine Is Yours: The Rise of Collaborative Consumption”. A lively discussion followed – at our first Gladrags Vox Pops to be held at 1000£ Bend. . . . → Read More: Gladrags Vox Pops Does Collaborative Consumption

Hello World!

Welcome to the Glad Rags Vox Pops blog.  This blog’s aim is to be a reflection of the sustainable fashion book club Glad Rags Vox Pops started in Melbourne in 2010, and to participate in and inspire a global conversation around Sustainable Fashion.  We will be posting our reading material, presentations and musings of the group, . . . → Read More: Hello World!