Paula Rogers visits GRVP – words Lara McPherson

At our last Gladrags Vox Pops we were lucky to have a visit from Paula Rogers: TFIA consultant, sustainability guru and all round lovely lady.

She came to speak to us specifically about the Eco Index, an internal reporting tool designed to help fashion folk assess the sustainability of their own business. There is a simple scoring system and businesses are not obliged to reveal their scores to anyone, not even their consumers.

This stirred some fiery debate amongst the group of usually docile women. Some were pleased to hear progress being made and businesses embarking on assessment, while others were disappointed to see that yet again, transparency was being avoided in order to protect businesses.

Valid points of both sides of the fence. The reason things get so tricky at this point is because some businesses (small and large) have fully fledged sustainability policies and are implementing them. On the other hand, many businesses are just starting to consider these issues in their business. More still haven’t even begun thinking about them.

The next area of our discussion led to the role of the media in ensuring transparency. But I get the feeling that might be controversial enough for a Gladrags debate all of its own.

Until next time…

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